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Timefield is an American rock band founded in 2015 by Ryan Dunkirk. Dunkirk, the singer, guitarist and songwriter of Timefield grew up in Cedar Rapids, Iowa and started out playing punk rock and eventually drumming in many hardcore punk/metal bands in the midwest area. 


Having studied the dynamics of audio production, he met producer Jim Kaufman (Jim Kaufman Productions). Dunkirk was able to learn various methods of audio recording and music production. Dunkirk set out to record what will be Timefield’s first album, which is complete.


Dunkirk teamed up with Tim King (a long time friend and former bandmate) to help produce the record. The two went to work in the studio with Dunkirk laying down drums, guitar, bass and vocals, along with Adam Colbert (another long time friend and bandmate) also laying down bass on many of the tracks. Tim King would also lend his lead guitar talents on the record.


In 2016 Timefield was immediately signed to a record deal in Los Angeles. Dunkirk put a band together and played shows in the LA area. Timefield would eventually leave the label. His brother Nolan Dunkirk took charge of the art department, video production and social media.


Now, the focus is on putting together a line up for the band, touring and scheduling the release of they’re many EP’s and Singles to solidify the band’s position in the rock universe.

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